I thought I would do a post today on a few things I have been loving lately which have one thing in common… The word pop!

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Review: Mr Nutcase iPad Case*

2014-04-16 15.45.20

Before I got picked up last Wednesday for the Paul Mitchell event I talked about in my last post I spent a few hours in Starbucks with a caramel macchiato, doing some reading for my masters. I’ve not been taking my iPad 2 out and about with me recently because the case I was using was pretty knackered and I didn’t want to risk breaking it. However, last week I received my new iPad case* from Mr Nutcase.

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Lovestruck Clothing

2014-03-19 20.00.47

Let me start by saying that I am not completely happy with these photos! This is my first attempt at outfit photos not taken by myself in the mirror. My lovely boyfriend took these for me, however I hate photos of me that I haven’t taken myself as I never think they are very flattering. I hope how lovely this dress is still comes across!

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NYX Butter Gloss


Let’s get one thing straight: Before I got my hands on my first NYX Butter Gloss, I was not a fan of lip products. I might wear a lipstick on a night out, but I wasn’t a fan of the feeling of glosses or lipsticks on my lips. I get really dry lips, and without fail, lip products would mix with the dry skin to form a sort of goo on my mouth. Not pleasant, I know. Lip balms, maybe a tinted one if I was feeling adventurous, were as good as it got.

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