Interview: Mrs Accessories

Today I’ve got something that is a first for me on my blog, an interview! I got the opportunity to interview Maggi, one half of the brains behind Mrs Accessories. Mrs Accessories is a website offering gorgeous accessories and swimwear at affordable prices! Read on for the interview, plus a discount code for the site! Continue reading



I got the job!

I am super happy about this, the timing is so perfect as well. Transitioning from one job to the other will be a lot easier over the summer with no university to worry about. Also, it means I can potentially start work at the hospital whilst finishing my notice period at my current job.

I’ve liked my job, it’s gotten me through university with plenty of extra cash, it’s given me a better understanding of the NHS as we mainly supply to them and it’s really improved my customer service skills. But, it’s just been getting difficult to go in every weekend! The management is a bit all over the place at the moment and morale is low.

So back to the new job! I mentioned previously┬áthat I thought I’d hear back on Friday. Turns out they did ring me to let me know I was successful, but I didn’t get the call as my signal must have been low, and the voicemail didn’t work!

So on Monday afternoon I got a call from someone wanting to discuss my contract, and I was confused!

So I’ll be doing two 12 hour shifts a week on an acute neurology unit. I can’t wait to start. I think I will be able to start sooner than maybe I would have, because I already have a CRB through from the hospital for my honorary assistant psychology post, and my occupational health screening is booked for next Tuesday.

Looking forward to writing about my experiences here!

Reflection on my last interview.

I had another interview on Thursday before I handed my dissertation in. It was for clinical support worker within a neuroscience department.

I feel like I did well in the interview, although there’s always going to be something I wish I had done! I feel that what I need to improve on is ending what I want to say, I tend to repeat myself in my attempts to round off the sentence.

They said I would probably hear back on Friday, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t know if no news is good or bad. My pessimistic side is inclined to think bad. I will probably ring them later if I still haven’t heard anything.

I did really really want this job though, I will be upset if I haven’t got it I think.

The light at the end of the tunnel.

The first draft of my dissertation is going to be finished tonight! When I have sent my abstract and discussion sections to my supervisor before I go to bed, I will be able to sleep a bit easier!

I will be just under the minimum word count, however I have already found a few more things to add to my introduction when I get my comments back, and I am counting on my supervisor knowing where I need to add more. A word count of 9000 is the most I am aiming for! Someone has told me that it is the qualitative studies which need the full 10,000 words really.

I’m also happy because I’ve got another interview, and it’s a part time position this time so more suitable! It’s for the support worker role I mentioned in my last post, there are a few positions open so I’m hoping I’ve got a good shot! Will need to get some interview prep in, in between finishing off my dissertation and finishing my counselling and mental health essay!

Oh to be free of university work for a few months! I can’t wait.

So close yet so far.

I posted about an interview I had managed to get for a nursing assistant position the other week here.

The interview was on Friday and to be honest I did think it went fairly well. It was in two halves, a 15 minute interview and then three writing tasks.

To be honest, as soon as I left the interview part I thought of a few things I should have said, and was kicking myself a bit. For example, I messed up the health and safety question by not being specific enough to a mental health environment, and on a question about recovery I forgot to mention that recovery from mental illness may not always mean that the illness itself goes completely away, but that the person can manage it and has a good quality of life.

I felt like I did well in the writing tasks, I had done my online training for my placement the night before which covered safeguarding, and one task simply wanted us to describe safeguarding and how we would do it. So I felt like I aced that part!

The other two tasks were answering some questions on a scenario that was acted out in front of us, mainly to do with professionalism and confidentiality, and also a task which gave us the Trust’s values and asked how we demonstrated them.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but the ward manager who gave me the feedback did say that I had done really well on the writing tasks, and that it was the health and safety/recovery questions that I had not got enough points on. She said if they had one more place open they would have offered me it.

I’m pretty gutted really, I did really want that position as I would have learnt so much, and I really want to get stuck in to a mental health environment when I graduate. But at the same time, it was full time hours and I would have only been able to do that really.

So onwards and upwards now!


I applied for a job about two weeks ago as a nursing assistant within a mental health inpatient unit within the NHS.

I wasn’t too sure whether I would be suitable for the job as it listed having an NVQ in care as an essential point on the person specification. However, I emailed the contact listed on the vacancy asking if they took Psychology graduates, to which she said yes. So I applied!

I made sure I tailored my supporting information to show point by point how I met the person specification, as I have been advised on the ClinPsy forum I frequently go on for advice.

And lo and behold, I’ve been offered an interview! Very excited. It’s on the 19th April so plenty of time to prepare, without it taking me away from my dissertation/assignments too much.

Considering ringing the unit to find out more specifically what the service users tend to present with, as the information I have found just says serious and severe mental health difficulties.

Wish me luck, I hope I can post on the 19th about how well I think it has gone!