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Hi everyone! I apologise for the lack of posts recently but I had two essays due in for the taught component of my masters so I’ve been a bit busy getting those done! Hopefully you’ve seen me around on Twitter though – unfortunately I wasn’t able to resist the lures of scrolling through my Twitter feed!

So the taught component of my masters is over, and now I have until October (or January if I take the free extension) to do my dissertation. I will let you know how I get on with that with updates from time to time. Would anyone who’s considering doing a masters after their undergraduate degree like to see a post about the differences?

I have a couple of events and products that I want to blog about this week, so there will be lots of lovely new posts to sink your teeth in to. I’ve also got a giveaway coming up so if you’re going on holiday this year you might want to keep an eye out for that!

I’ve got a really good couple of months ahead of me, lots of events planned and things! Tomorrow I’m hosting a Macmillan Night In with my mum, which a few companies have kindly donated gifts for so I will be doing a post on that and letting you know how much we raise! The aim is £100 but hopefully we will get more!

I’m headed to an event by Oriflame on Saturday in Leeds, I haven’t travelled to Leeds by train before so I’m slightly nervous but I’m sure I will be fine! I will be there again at the end of May too for the Leeds May Meet, as well as an event called House of Fashion. I’ve also got a Pandora eventand a Laundry Boutique event in my calender, I love having a packed diary!

Finally, my dad and my stepmum have finally adopted two lovely girls who I am enjoying getting to know, one of them has her birthday on Tuesday so I’m excited to spend it with them. I am thinking of doing a post on adoption from a siblings point of view!

Sorry for the long winded post with no pictures but I wanted to let you know what I had going on recently and coming up, I’ve missed blogging! What has been going on in your life?


The dog.

I mentioned how cuddles from my dog were helping me get through dissertation writing the other week (here).

Thought I would post a picture of his cute little face so you can see how cuddly he is! I mother him a bit too much, but he is definitely like my baby! He is called Bailey and he is nearly 1. Yes, I may have got him a birthday cake. Very sad. But he is brilliant at cheering me up, so he deserves it.


Coffee and Doggy Cuddles

The two things getting me through a session of dissertation write-up!

Currently writing up my method, before starting to finish off my literature review/hypothesis section.

I met my supervisor on Friday and the brain imaging equipment has gone off to America to be fixed. The company who made it might be loaning us another, but he doesn’t know yet whether this will happen. So in the mean time, I am going ahead with data collection and just using my E-Prime experiment. If the brain imaging comes back before I’m finished, I can potentially use it and have a sort of mini-study within my study as a whole. At least I think that’s what he said!

Up to 16 out of 50 participants now. I can think of 20 people off the top of my head that will come and do it for me in the next two weeks, but even then that’s only 36!

Thinking I need to do a power analysis so I can find out the minimum participants I need to potentially get a significant result. How on earth do I go about that!