LAPG Annual Conference: Review

I went to my first conference in June. It was a great experience, one which I hope to repeat whenever I can! Unfortunately I can’t afford to attend many of the ones I want to at the moment, but it will happen!

My first was the Liverpool Assistant Psychologist Group’s annual conference, and this year’s theme was “The Next Generation”. Aimed at anyone who is interested in pursuing clinical psychology as a career, there was a mix of people including under/postgraduates, assistant psychologists and research assistants.

It was held at Aintree race track, which was a lovely venue, especially with the weather being brilliantly sunny and therefore making everything outside look even more amazing.

The range of lectures and seminars was great, and I really came away from the day feeling like I’d learnt a lot.

My plan is to write a post about each speaker in turn. I want to be able to look at the background of each speaker, and fully discuss from my own point of view what they spoke about.

The first of these will be on Peter Kinderman, so expect this soon! If you attended the conference, please leave a comment and let me know how you found it.