Music for Concentration

music for concentration

If you’re a student, you’re probably in the middle of finishing up a dissertation, writing up essays or revising for exams right now. I’ve got two assignments due in the next two weeks which I am furiously typing up, in between blogging breaks and scrolling through Twitter!

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Peer Mentoring

I always liked the peer mentoring aspect of my two months at medical school. Having people in the year above who helped us through freshers week, navigate the university, tell us which books to buy and which just to borrow.. It all helped with what is a really stressful time.

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I am a terrible blogger.

I have not been posting, I’ve not even been thinking about posting. I wanted to document my experience as a masters student, however it’s not worked out that way at all!

However, with classes for this semester over with, I am going to again try my best to blog regularly. Once a week at this point would be a good aim.

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Proud owner of a first class honours degree in Psychology and Counselling Studies.

So happy! I did it! Knowing that all my hard work has paid off is extremely satisfying. I don’t think I would have got a first without my high dissertation mark either, so knowing all the stress I had with that was worthwhile is good.

Looking forward to graduation ceremony, graduation parties and a few nights out now to celebrate, although I have to wait until July for all that!

Also looking forward to starting my masters now, and hopefully getting a distinction in that!

By the way,

Have I mentioned how much I am looking forward to doing the MSc in Applied Psychology? I really can’t wait until August (I’m guessing) when I get sent more information in the post, and then for September when I get my timetable… And I’m really interested to meet others who are doing the course! I wonder if there is some way I could find out who would be doing it before it’s start in September?

I’m also really looking forward to starting my honorary AP post, hoping that as I’ll have finished uni I can do two days a week instead of one, although I’ll happily do the one if that’s all I can do!! Really want to just get stuck in with it and learn as much as I can.

Also, I’m looking for a new part time job at the minute, one that I can do in the week, as my boyfriend will be starting a new job soon which is Monday-Friday and I would actually like to spend some time with him! Anyone in the know about part time work I could do, let me know!!

From Bachelor to Master?

I have been worrying the last few days about when I will hear back from the MSc in Applied Psychology here at Salford. Someone had advised me to get in touch with the admin team for a rough date, so I went into my emails this morning planning on doing just that.

Just then, A WILD DECISION LETTER APPEARED (Pokemon fans, you get me).

I have a conditional offer to start in September, all I need to do is get myself at least a 2.1 and I’m on. I’m very happy that I now know what I’ll be doing in September, and it’s one less thing on my list of stresses at the moment!

My mum and youngest brother keep calling me Master Hannah today, bless them.

Why are degrees called Bachelors and Masters anyway? Is this from a time gone by when only men were able to get degrees? Surely they should have changed it by now.. Am I not a Bachelorette of Science? Leave me a comment if you know the answer!

And now I return to my dissertation, farewell blog of procrastination…