2014-01-27 18.56.22Hannah // 23 // Manchester

I am a student living in Salford, Manchester, currently studying MSc Applied Psychology (Therapies) at the University of Salford. I got my first class honours degree in Psychology and Counselling Studies at Salford too. I currently work as a support worker in a local NHS trust in the neurosciences department which I find tiring but very rewarding.

When I started my blog, it was a place to improve my writing skills and discuss things related to my undergraduate degree, however I currently blog about a mixture of things, including beauty, fashion and books. I do still like to include psychology in my posts though if I can.

I enjoy writing reviews, mainly around beauty products or books that I’ve read. I generally discuss high-street/drug-store beauty products as being a student and part-time worker I don’t often have the money to buy high-end products! I also love to discuss places in and around Manchester that I have visited, or events that I have been to. Overall I try to write the kind of posts I myself enjoy reading.


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