Interview: Mrs Accessories

Today I’ve got something that is a first for me on my blog, an interview! I got the opportunity to interview Maggi, one half of the brains behind Mrs Accessories. Mrs Accessories is a website offering gorgeous accessories and swimwear at affordable prices! Read on for the interview, plus a discount code for the site!

What date did you launch the site? Did everything go to plan?

We launched the site on Friday February the 28th, everything was all ready for the launch day so everything did go according to plan.

Tell me a bit more about the brains behind Mrs Accessories.

It was one of those spontaneous moments where my partner and I spoke about starting an online business for a while but didn’t know what sector to focus on. Then one day I was on Facebook and noticed someone promoting their products so I thought to myself, yes I can do this but better! I love fashion and accessories, I am alway buying new accessories to match my latest outfit, so why not help others find the latest on trend accessories? The very next day we hunted for a suitable name for the website and then it was go go go from there! My husband deals with the website site of things and I manage the marketing and promotions as well as sourcing the products from the highest quality supplier.

Was it easy to come up with a name or did a few get tossed around before a winner was chosen?

No, not really. We brainstormed for an evening then came up with the simple yet brandable straight to the point name Mrs Accessories and then purchased

There is a great range of accessories on the site, with the added bonus of swimwear – what made you decide to include swimwear as well as jewellery, scarves and bags?

I added swimwear to our product collection, because summer is coming and I thought it will be a good option to offer my customers additional items to wear this holiday season. It lets us test the market also as clothing is an additional item that we might consider adding to our collection in the future.

What’s your favourite item on the site? (Or favourite 3 if that’s too hard!)

My top 3 favourite items are the Luxury Crystal Necklace, the Pearl Lipsticks Charm Bracelet and the Retro Polka Dot Swimsuit.

What is your interpretation of the slogan, “fashion is a lifestyle”?

The meaning behind the slogan “Fashion is a Lifestyle” is you are what you wear. The outfit or the accessories you wear represent who you are as a person, your sense of style can show someone your personality, the mood you are feeling that day, etc.

And there you have it! Thank you so much to Maggi for talking with me about her site, I think I will definitely need to get the swimsuit for my holiday to Alcudia in June! Make sure you have a browse through the site, and let me know which items you will be buying with your 15% discount code: luvfashion


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