flopZ – The only flip flops you’ll ever need!



Hi everyone! I wanted to do a quick post on a product launching in May which I am super excited about – flopZ. I am the kind of person who finds it difficult to wear flip flops, as I just find them uncomfortable. But now, all my flip flop-related prayers have been answered by Aga Chervet and Alan Whittaker, the brains behind flopZ.

As you can see from the above picture, flopZ are a thong style flip flop which come in an array of designs and colours – so you could get pairs to match each of your bikinis! However, the exciting part about flopZ is that they massage your feet as you walk! This is where the comfort comes in. flopZ have a massaging gel which covers the insole, massaging the soles of your feet so you can have both comfort and style in those British heatwave days, or when you’re strolling around the local markets on your hols. flopZ also come with a bag protector, so if you frequently take flip flops to spas, beauty salons or the gym, you can now carry them in their very own bag! From the website I can tell you that a pair of flopZ will be £40, however for a luxury flip flop brand that gives you a walking massage and is hard wearing, I think that is very reasonable!

Personally these Siam flopZ with a pink thong are the ones I am lusting over!

Personally these Siam flopZ with a pink thong are the ones I am lusting over!

So, if like me you need a pair of flopZ in your life, get following them on Twitter @flopzuk and like them on Facebook here to keep up to date and get reminders about when the product launches. You can also now create an account on their website at flopZ.co.uk to get a special offer when they launch! I for one can’t wait to wear them on my hols, what do you think?



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