Review: Birthday Cake Tea.


Yes, you’ve read the title of this post right; birthday cake tea!

My love of trying out different flavours of tea probably started when I worked in a cafe in Manchester called Cup (now known as Teacup). They had numerous flavours of tea that at the age of 17 I hadn’t experienced before, in fact I don’t think I even knew then that tea came in more than one flavour!

birthday cake tea

Fast forward 6 years (oh god o.O) and I am definitely more adventurous in my tea drinking. I had seen a few mentions on the blogosphere of Bluebird Tea Company and I decided to have a browse on their website. One of the things which is great about their online shop is that you can choose to buy a sample of the tea you want to try, which has enough in for around 10 cups of tea. This is perfect if you want to try a few different flavours, or aren’t sure if you will like one!

I ordered three samples and got the lovely box above in the post on the morning of my birthday. Perfect timing, as one of the samples I chose was Birthday Cake! On their website, Bluebird Tea Company describe their Birthday Cake tea as “Vanilla sponge, notes of sweet icing + cake sprinkles!” and it is one of their rooibos teas. As you can see it contains little stars which look so cute in the loose leaf! The website does prompt you to choose whether you would like to order an infuser basket with your loose tea, and also has a good selection of tea equipment, so don’t fret if you don’t have anything to use with loose tea at home. However I knew I had a teapot-shaped infuser/strainer which I inherited from my Grandma, so I didn’t order any of the extras.

2014-02-24 22.13.20

On opening the packet of tea, the first thing I noticed was the amazing smell! It really does smell like vanilla sponge cake, and my family, who stick to boring old regular tea, all considered trying some after smelling the loose mix. I popped around a heaped teaspoon of the Birthday Cake mix in to my strainer and added it to a cup of boiling water. One of the things that struck me about the packaging, which I will include a picture of in my review of the other two teas I sampled next week, is that it tells you what the base tea leaf used in the mix is, what temperature of water you should use, how long to boil it for and whether or not to add milk.  The Birthday Cake tea can be drunk with or without milk, however the golden-amber colour of the tea was so lovely I didn’t feel like I could ruin it with milk! I will definitely try some with my next cup though. I really enjoyed the Birthday Cake tea, it was sweet but not overly so as the rooibos balanced it out. It went perfectly with a piece of my actual birthday cake, a white chocolate sponge!

If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea before, I think Bluebird Tea Company is the perfect place to start, and I guarantee you will spend a while on their site before being able to choose your first order! I can’t wait to try the other two samples I got, Dozy Girl and MojiTEA, which I will review next week!

You can find Bluebird Tea Company here, or go straight to the Birthday Cake page here and order yourself some cake in a cup! You can also follow them on Twitter here.

Have you tried any tea from Bluebird Tea Company before? Let me know your favourite flavours in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Review: Birthday Cake Tea.

    • Do it, it’s so good! I think it’s £3 for a sample but you get like 10 cups worth. I’ve just finished my first cup of Dozy Girl as I’m working tomorrow so need a good sleep! It was a mix of flowers, very pretty!

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