Mini Primark Haul


I didn’t get a chance to write the post I had meant to for today so I thought I would pop up this mini Primark haul. Because who doesn’t love a Primark haul, right?

I’m on a strict budget at the minute, which I’ll be talking about in the next week or so. However when a friend invited me for a wander around Manchester on Wednesday and I knew I had £30 to spare, I couldn’t help but go in Primark.

I’ve been wanting Primarks dupe for the Zara skort for a while now, so I knew I had to hunt that down. I found the last few and had to get a size up from what I would usually buy, but it just means I have more room to tuck tshirts in. So happy I have this! I really love it and at £10 it really is a bargain.

I also knew I wanted a Disney tshirt as I’ve seen a lot of these doing the rounds on blogs and haul videos recently. I picked up the Peter Pan one for £6, I got this in a 16 so it would be a bit baggy and I really love the fit. I think it’s not too in your face Disney either, so I know I will wear it out of the house.

The last item of clothing I got was a vest for £4 that I think is so nice! It feels like an almost silky material and the fit is amazing. I think it will look really nice underneath a blazer.

I couldn’t resist picking up some flat shoes which were £6. I love leopard print shoes and I think these are a really nice style for spring. I also bought three pairs of black tights because all mine are bitty and pulled! You can’t go wrong when it’s £3 for 3 pairs!

Beauty-wise I picked up two of the false nail packs, this cute pastel blue set with owls on, and a blue ombré pack. As you probably know they’re only £1 each and I’ve never actually tried them. Whilst I think they look really cute on, they weren’t a very durable material so I wouldn’t really wear them longer than a day. They did come off easily though when it was time to take my contact lenses out!


The last two bits I picked up were quite random. I got two face cloths for £1.50 as I’ve needed one to remove my cleanser for a while now. I also got a strawberry scented hand sanitiser for 69p to pop in my bag.

So that was my mini haul! There were definitely a few more things I’d have liked but like I said, I only had £30 and I still spent over that by £3. What things have you been lusting over in Primark lately?


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