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I’m guessing all girls at some time or other have had skin problems. Personally I had very bad acne when I was around 14-16, but recently I’ve been having a really bad flare up again.

What managed my acne the first time around was an anti-bacterial lotion called Zineryt which is prescribed by a doctor. I used this continuously for around 3 years and it cleared my skin right up and kept it that way. I stopped using it once I was around 17 as I went on Dianette, which is a contraceptive pill that also treats acne.

After my recent flare up that started around 4 months ago, I got to the point the other week where I just couldn’t handle it anymore. My skin was making me feel depressed and upset nearly every day. I went to my doctor and I got Zineryt re-prescribed. And I love it once more! My skin is already clearing up after two weeks of using it.

As I said above, Zineryt is an anti-bacterial lotion that comes in a bottle with a sponge applicator on the top, so you just rub it over the affected area twice a day after removing makeup and cleansing. It contains erythromycin and zinc acetate. The erythromycin is the anti-bacterial ingredient, whilst the zinc helps your skin to heal.

I think that Zineryt is great for treating acne if you don’t want to take something orally, as you can build it right into your skincare routine very easily. The downside is definitely the smell – it has a strong almost alcoholic smell, as though you are applying pure ethanol to your face. However you quickly get used to this, even if your dog doesn’t and won’t lick your face anymore (only a plus in my opinion).

Have you ever tried Zineryt? What prescribed treatments for acne do you take or recommened? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Zineryt

  1. Helloo,
    I also struggled with Acne as a teen and was proscribed the Zineryt. I found the first bottle worked but the second didn’t. I was then put on Yasmin Contraceptive and my skin cleared up almost completely. After around 4-5 years of using yasmin with no issues i had a bad flare up and was given a different contraceptive that was awful and didn’t work, i have since returned to Yasmin and my skin is getting clearer again.

    I’m just telling you all this because you may just need to try a different pill for a while or have a break but if the Zineryt is working then WOO!

    My doctor also liked giving me loads of antibiotics for acne which i never take :/

    Also enjoying your blog 🙂

    • It was going on the injection which flared my skin up so I won’t be going back to it! The Zineryt seems to have helped speed up the process of getting rid though.
      I can’t take Yasmin unfortunately as I get migraines!

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it 🙂

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