Missing being a student!

Since not having anything university-related to do since handing in my last assignment, and doing my last day at my old job the other week, I’ve been rather bored! I’m not starting my AP post properly until 5th July now, and I don’t even have a start date for my support worker role yet! I’m hoping it will be soon, as I’ll need to start earning money now I’m technically unemployed until I sign my contract!

My boredom has lead me to start exercising properly, and I’m doing Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, which is crazy. It feels good to be sore the next day though, because I know I’m doing something right!


Proud owner of a first class honours degree in Psychology and Counselling Studies.

So happy! I did it! Knowing that all my hard work has paid off is extremely satisfying. I don’t think I would have got a first without my high dissertation mark either, so knowing all the stress I had with that was worthwhile is good.

Looking forward to graduation ceremony, graduation parties and a few nights out now to celebrate, although I have to wait until July for all that!

Also looking forward to starting my masters now, and hopefully getting a distinction in that!


A first being the grade I got in my dissertation!!!

Happy beyond belief, I got 79%. Really cannot thank my supervisor enough for the help he gave me, and for the comments he wrote on my draft, as they are what got me there.

If I’ve worked everything out right, if I get over 60 in the one assignment I’m waiting for feedback on, I will have gotten a first overall! Fingers crossed.