Free at last.

I have finished my undergraduate degree! I just handed in my last assignment for Psychology and Health.

I am super tired and drained, I had an injection and blood tests this morning (well, they tried but apparently my veins were too deep). Now for a nap before I take the dog out!


Epic music.

I’m currently writing an assignment for Psychology and Health on how chronic illnesses can impact upon an individual from a biopsychosocial perspective. It’s a fairly depressing essay as I’ve decided to talk about breast and prostate cancer. I know someone who has just undergone a┬ámastectomy though, so it is interesting to be able to put things into a real-life perspective.

Anyway, to the point of this blog post: epic music. I find that I can’t concentrate if I listen to music with words when I am working, but if I am in a public place such as I am now, in the Clifford Whitworth library, I need music on to drown out the noise of other people sneezing, whispering and munching on crisps.

So I’ve discovered this academic year that I work very well when I’m listening to classical music, in particular songs from epic movies such as the Avengers and Lord of the Rings. For example at the minute I’m listening to the score from Mulan.

What music do you listen to when you’re working or revising? Let me know in the comments!


I got the job!

I am super happy about this, the timing is so perfect as well. Transitioning from one job to the other will be a lot easier over the summer with no university to worry about. Also, it means I can potentially start work at the hospital whilst finishing my notice period at my current job.

I’ve liked my job, it’s gotten me through university with plenty of extra cash, it’s given me a better understanding of the NHS as we mainly supply to them and it’s really improved my customer service skills. But, it’s just been getting difficult to go in every weekend! The management is a bit all over the place at the moment and morale is low.

So back to the new job! I mentioned previously┬áthat I thought I’d hear back on Friday. Turns out they did ring me to let me know I was successful, but I didn’t get the call as my signal must have been low, and the voicemail didn’t work!

So on Monday afternoon I got a call from someone wanting to discuss my contract, and I was confused!

So I’ll be doing two 12 hour shifts a week on an acute neurology unit. I can’t wait to start. I think I will be able to start sooner than maybe I would have, because I already have a CRB through from the hospital for my honorary assistant psychology post, and my occupational health screening is booked for next Tuesday.

Looking forward to writing about my experiences here!

Reflection on my last interview.

I had another interview on Thursday before I handed my dissertation in. It was for clinical support worker within a neuroscience department.

I feel like I did well in the interview, although there’s always going to be something I wish I had done! I feel that what I need to improve on is ending what I want to say, I tend to repeat myself in my attempts to round off the sentence.

They said I would probably hear back on Friday, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I don’t know if no news is good or bad. My pessimistic side is inclined to think bad. I will probably ring them later if I still haven’t heard anything.

I did really really want this job though, I will be upset if I haven’t got it I think.

Destination Dissertation.

I submitted my dissertation on Thursday and I have never felt so free! I’ve enjoyed my undergraduate degree but it had gotten to a point I think where I was just ready to move on to the next step in my life.

I have one more essay to do for Psychology and Health on how a chronic illness impacts upon an individual from a biopsychosocial perspective. And then I will be finished!

I’m scared and excited to find out what mark my dissertation will achieve, and what classification my degree will be over all! I do really want to obtain a first, but I feel like my work is consistently just below this, in terms of the marks I have been getting.

So I have just over a week to make this last essay as perfect as possible! Wish me luck.