New Semester, New Student

I am about to post something in here that I wrote last semester, which ironically talks about my procrastination. But I still want to post it, because it shows me that I need to start doing things when I say that I will! New years resolution: post once a week at least! So the following post was written in November, when I had assignments due. Which means it doesn’t really count for this week’s post, and I will be writing again this week!

In the middle of writing an essay on therapeutic writing, I realise that I don’t write for myself anymore. Natalie Rogers believes that through writing we become more in tune with our feelings, and our patterns of behaviour. From this comes a greater self-understanding and the knowledge we need in order to change and progress. Or so the book I’m reading for my essay tells me. I could do with some of this self-understanding, and there are definitely a few things it would be nice to change! My habit to procrastinate when writing essays being one of them.

So blogging it is. I’m in what is probably the most important academic year of my life so far, and if I want to get a first I need to get focused! Hopefully writing about my year will keep me on track towards my goals.

What are my goals you ask? Well career-wise my overall aim is to be a neuropsychologist. But obviously that needs to be broken into smaller goals. At the minute, I want to get on a good MSc course that doesn’t require me moving away from my family and is relevant. There aren’t too many choices, but there are enough.

I also want to get a first in my dissertation, and ultimately my BSc. This is where wanting to stop the procrastinating comes in. In the past two years I’ve gained mostly firsts and 2:1s in my assignments, but I know I can put more effort in and get good firsts. Not low ones.

 So coming back to this essay involving therapeutic writing. I’ve procrastinated, but I’m not cutting it as close as I usually do. That is what I would call progress.

I’m also getting ahead with my dissertation. My ethics form I handed in on the deadline, but I had been putting thought and work in to it from September. Now before I get my ethics back, I am creating my e-prime experiment and getting started on my literature review. I’m lucky because I’m doing something that not only am I interested in, but that I think my supervisor is interested in too.

I can see what Natalie Rogers is talking about when she says writing is therapeutic, I’m finding it hard to stop. I think this blog entry has gone on long enough. Until next time!